From June 1st to June 2nd, the 2018 Global Digital Summitwas grandly held in Xiamen, China, the beautiful hometown of Gulangyu Island.

The summit is co-organized by Ali Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Bizcn, Blockchain Planet and other well-known companies, which is a high-level and large-scale industry event in China and has attracted many leading enterprise, business leaders, and industry experts.

Centered on the Internet Digital Field and Industry hotspots, 2018 Global Digital Summit has created a digital field interconnected, shared work, and win-win internationalized sharing and social platform through conference sharing, forum dialogues, project roadshows and other activities.

The summit conducted in-depth communications and discussions on the most popular topics in this industry, such as domain, blockchain and new media. Gathering ideas from industry elites, it explored the integration and innovation upgrading of digital assets, digital media, digital ecology and various industries, which aims to promote the penetration and integration of various areas of the Internet and realize the extension of the industry value.

During the summit, the Cross-strait Blockchain Alliance was formally launched. It aims to build a cross-strait cooperative community based on blockchain technology that integrates multi-resources such as technology, capital, and applications, and gradually forms a strong global alliance for the development of blockchain.

The team of Love Wine Chain is one of the invited members of the 2018 Global Digital Summit. At the summit, Love Wine Chain delightedly shared their business model and philosophy in front all attendants. They discussed with other industry leaders on the infinite possibilities of the combination of blockchain technology and the world's liquor industry, and were highly praised by industry opinion leaders.

Love Wine Chain ( hopes to build a wine-trading platform based on blockchain technology, starting from the most original source of anti-counterfeiting, to bringing together global drinkers to participate in the construction of a new wine culture ecology, and reshaping the global wine ecology for another peak time of wine culture.

The rise of new technologies will surely sweep across all industries, and industrial upgrading in the commercial sector has become irreversible. This is both an opportunity and a challenge – conventional industries can rely on the power of new technologies to usher in a turnaround and create new core competencies; and those markets dominated by giants will be challenged by emerging players equipped with new technologies, thereby acquiring renewed vitality.

Many of the participants in this global digital summit may grow into new leader of various global industries in the next decade and become fundamental and collaborative builders of the new era. Well, let’s see what happens!