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Difficulty of tracing information

The block chain passes the hash value of the block header as the unique identifier of the block, thereby realizing the traceability of the block data; In the LWC, it is emphasized that the information of each bottle of liquor can be traced, fair and transparent, and convenient for consumers to inquire and purchase.

Difficulty of trading

Blockchain technology does not require a thirdparty trust mechanism. It can use blockchain technology to establish a fair and open market mechanism. It can also serve other financial products well. The LWC requires the establishment of an open liquor trading market without the need for middlemen, and will also promote the formation of financial derivatives related to liquor trading.

Difficulty of transaction

Blockchain system realizes the automation and intelligent execution of contracts through intelligent contracts or “programmable currency”; There will be a large number of intelligent deliveries, transportation, transaction, and storage links in LWC, and a series of intelligent contracts are needed to ensure the automatic execution of LWC transactions.

Difficulty of consumer trust

The blockchain technology has a natural advantage in information traceability. For the liquor products on the chain, the platform can record information on the origin, region, year, and transaction of liquor, and every time the consumers buy a bottle of liquor, they can obtain all of its information through scanning the QR code. All information from the factory to the drinking process can be traced back to ensure that the information is open and transparent.

Core Team

Gheorghe Arpentin

Co-sponsor of the project, project leader and finance manager

Gheorghe Nicolaescu

The co-sponsor of the project, and the business director of the project.

   Mulder Lee

Co-sponsor of the project, and responsible for project development and operation.

     Prida Ivan Andreevich

Co-sponsor of the project, project principal and operating manager.

Development Opportunities

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In the beginning

In 2018, global liquor market size is expected to surpass trillion US dollars. With the rise of ‘new consumption’, ‘new retail’, ‘Internet +’and ‘blockchain’, the liquor market size will be even larger.

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LWC, which focuses on the field of ‘liquor + blockchain’, is establishing a global liquor trading platform, pushing the liquor industry into a golden period of development.


LWC, based on decentralized, traceable, distributed, tamper-resistant, transparent, and other characteristics, can solve problems such as traceability of product information, lack of trust, and transaction.


The goal of LWC is to become a liquor bank with the integration of liquor circulation, trading and warehousing all over the world. The use of token coins (LOVC) as a license for LWC issuance can not only reduce the risks of cross-border trade, but also facilitate consumption around the world. The settlement will help the global information flow of liquor products, optimize the supply chain system of the industry, rebuild the consumer trust system, and finally become an internationalized and intelligent large ecosystem of the entire industry.

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Love Wine Chain

LOVC is officially listed by GBCAX.com

14 June 2018
Web Design Trends


Official Launch of LOVC,the seed player in a brand new Blockchain segment

04 June 2018

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